Made to order vs. Made to measure

For the majority of our pieces, we operate on a made-to-order basis. This is frequently muddled with made-to-measure, so we have made this guide to clarify the difference. 

Made to order

Made to order means that your garment will be made because you have ordered it, as opposed to us making loads of stock that is then sat waiting to be ordered. This is a sustainable approach to clothing production, as it means we are not making excess stock. The measurements of each size are set, and will not be adjusted to your specific measurements (except for tall or short adjustments for trousers, for example). 

Made to measure

When a garment is made to measure, this means that a piece is made to specifically fit the measurements of an individual person. Here, adjustments need to be made to the pattern we work from to make the garment, meaning that the process is more tailored, and the final garment will have measurements that differ from the set sizes we make by default. 

We offer a made-to-measure service as well as our default made-to-order operation; this is for those customers who would like for the garment they order to be made to their exact measurements, and for those who cannot find a size that suits them in the set sizes. Please read more on this here