Sustainability is key

Sustainability is key

 Sourcing organic, sustainable materials is at the heart of Emiko Studios.


We are continually on the hunt to find local organic fabric. It has taken a lot of time and research to check that the trail of making the material is in fact organic and sourcing that locally can even be more challenging. 


However, it is a huge passion of ours and we want to put a positive stamp on the fashion industry.


We have all witnessed and bought into fast fashion and slowly we want to start steering away from that way of thinking and buying key clothing pieces that are timeless and stay out of landfill. We want our customers to have garments they will wear for years to come and mix and match with items they already have in their wardrobe.


Our children’s collection has been sized by ages, however we have gone slightly larger than high street stores so the item lasts longer whilst your child grows. The trousers have a drawstring waist and longer length in the leg so you can roll up/adjust as they grow.


We will be writing several blogs to advise how to repair your clothing, clever hacks, new collection launches and generally chat about all things sustainable and what we can do to help us move more in this direction. 


There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming, so we thought we could help you along the way whilst wearing timeless clothes.


Written by Kate Hadfield.